SAMES (Pty) Ltd is based in Pretoria, South Africa, and is the only one of its kind on the African continent that designs and manufactures integrated circuits on silicon wafers. SAMES has achieved worldwide recognition for its ASIC semiconductor products available to the segments of energy measurement, telephony, RFID Tag applications, silicon foundry and other customer-specific micro-electronic applications.

In order to further strengthen its market position in the provision of standard and customer-specific integrated circuit products, the company in offering employment opportunities in various specialised positions.

SAMES offers a stimulating working environment where continued learning is encouraged. Because SAMES is a relatively small but well-established company, its professional engineers have to be very versatile. Of necessity they are exposed to a wide range of disciplines and tasks. The emphasis at SAMES is on a holistic approach to the design and manufacture of integrated circuits.

In addition to its permanent staff, SAMES actively seeks the engagement of suitably qualified and experienced electronic engineers for permanent employment, or for a two-to-five year contract period. Contract appointments of this nature give incumbents from abroad the opportunity to explore a new country and enjoy the African experience.

Currently, vacancies exist for permanent or contract positions in the following areas / disciplines:


Incumbents will become members of a sophisticated design environment using state-of-the-art CAD systems. People with various levels of experience and different skills in analogue, digital and mixed signal IC design are employed in the different product teams.

The successful candidates will have a BSc degree in Electronic Engineering as a minimum qualification; while a MSc degree would be the ideal, Applicable experience in IC design would be a strong recommendation. A strong sense of creativity and initiative will stand the individual to good stead.

The duties of integrated circuit design engineers include the design, development and characterisation of new models and devices, the performance of feasibility studies, computer simulations, and layout and project documentation.


Over and above him/her working in a sophisticated design and product development environment, the successful applicant will primarily be involved in the marketing of the SAMES range of products locally and abroad. Good communication and marketing skills are essential. The incumbent will travel abroad for customer visits and the attendance of trade exhibitions. The individual will be liasing closely with customers to fully define their requirements and to translate these into product specifications, as well as to prepare data sheets and application notes for customer use. He/She will also be assisting the Marketing and Sales Manager with presentations, as well as with the accessing and developing of new markets. Furthermore, the work assignment will cover participation in the development, verification and evaluation of new designs, the development of demonstration systems for new products, customer support and the documentation of applications systems. A BSc degree in Electronics Engineering is the ideal qualification, but a Higher National Diploma in high and low current engineering will also receive consideration. A minimum of two years in design/test of modern electronic equipment will be a distinct advantage, while a qualification in Marketing will be an additional advantage.


The position calls for an individual who is competent with high-tech testing equipment. The successful applicant will be involved in the development of new designs and the support of existing products. Training will be provided, particularly on the automatic testing systems that form an integral function of this area of responsibility. Good communication skills are of high importance, because the incumbent will be operating in a teamwork environment. He/She will be required to stay abreast with the continuous evolution of technology, especially in the sphere of micro-electronics.

Product / test engineers are responsible for the verification of new designs for testability, and the development of test programs for a range of different automatic testing equipment, among others, LTX, Synchro Master and TS88 machines. His/Her field of responsibility includes the design and implementation of test hardware and software on state-of-the-art ATE testing equipment for testing of digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits, interfacing with the WaferFab operations, the Product Design Engineering component and the customers regarding the testing of new and existing products. The incumbent will also perform product engineering activities such as product characterisation and yield analysis coupled with the provision of solutions for the improvements thereof. It will also be required of the incumbent to provide product support and to compile product documentation.

The minimum qualification would be a BSc degree in Electronic Engineering plus some hands-on experience in product design, mixed-signal test development, proficiency in MS Software, programming and debugging in C++ and experience with PCB board/layout design techniques.


Suitably qualified persons who are interested in making a career in micro-electronics are also welcome to make enquiries about other available positions within SAMES. In this regard, only e-mail enquiries will be accepted.

Please forward a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae by e-mail, fax or post to:

The Human Resources Manager
PO Box 15888,
Lynn East, Pretoria
South Africa

E-mail: hr@sames.co.za

Fax: +27 12 333-6393
Tel: +27 12 333-6021