Single phase kWh metering IC with pulse output.


Single phase, single-chip or micro-controller based kWh meter.


  • Provides a single chip solution for energy meters having a mechanical display
  • No external crystal or resonator required
  • Direct stepper motor / impulse counter drive
  • Uni-directional and bi-directional energy measurement
  • Fast LED output for Calibration or to interface with a micro-controller
  • Energy flow direction indication
  • Configurable for different meter ratings
  • Low external component count
  • Precision voltage reference on chip


The SAMES SA4101A is an accurate single phase power/energy metering integrated circuit providing a single-chip solution for energy meters. Very few external components are required and has direct drive capability for electro mechanical counters. Programmable inputs allow the meter manufacturer to configure the SA2102D for different meter ratings without having to change the stepper motor or impulse counter gear ratio. The LED pulse output follows the average consumption measured and is intended for meter calibration purposes. In fast calibration mode this output provides a high frequency pulse rate following the instantaneous power consumption and can be used for fast calibration or to interface with a micro-controller. The SA4101A includes an anti-creep feature preventing any creep effects in the meter. The SA4101A can configure for a positive, negative or bi-directional energy measurement. The SA4101A integrated circuit is pin compatible to the SA2102D and is available in a 20 pin small outline (SOIC20) RoHS compliant package.