ICDC offers an assembly facility for several package types, aimed at ensuring a quick turn-around time on prototypes, engineering samples and small volume production.

ICDC has a wafer sawing capability allowing the dicing of six inch wafers. Using a high speed diamond saw, wafers can be cut into individual semiconductor chips which are then bonded into a package. Our wire-bonding equipment is used to attach wires from the bonded silicon chip to the package frame, thereby allowing electrical access to the chip circuitry.

ICDC subcontracts high volume packaging to established offshore assembly houses. In line with our stringent quality policies, we only approve an assembly house once comprehensive qualifications procedures have been completed. Thereafter, we carry out periodical quality and reliability checks with all our sub-contractors, on an ongoing basis.

Note: Package dimension drawings are available on request

In addition to plastic package assembly, ICDC can co-ordinate chip-on-board assembly (COB), designed to meet customer-specific assembly requirements.

Tape and reel facilities are available through our qualified offshore assembly house. In some cases, this may result in drop shipping directly to the customer’s address from the assembly house.