Single Channel Single Phase Energy Metering IC


  • Meets the IEC62053, CBIP-88 and IS137799-1999 specification requirements for Class 1 AC static watt-hour meters for active energy
  • Motor drive outputs (MOP, MON) provide average active power information and can drive an electro-mechanical counter or an impulse counter directly
  • LED pulse output for calibration purposes supplies average active power information
  • Configurable for different meter ratings
  • Precision on-chip oscillator (70ppm/°C drift)
  • Precision on-chip voltage reference (10ppm/°C drift)
  • On-chip anti-creep function (0.01% of FMAX on SA4104A or 0.004% of FMAX on SA4104B)
  • Low power consumption (<20mW typical)
  • Measures AC inputs only


The SA4104A/B is an accurate single phase power/energy metering integrated circuit providing a single chip solution for single phase energy meters. Very few external components are required and the chip includes a direct drive capability for electro-mechanical counters. The SA4104A/B does not require an external crystal or voltage reference. A precision oscillator and a precision voltage reference to supply the circuitry with a stable frequency and stable reference currents are integrated on the chip.

The SA4104A/B metering integrated circuit generates a pulse output, the frequency of which is proportional to the active power consumption.

Programmable inputs allow the meter manufacturer to configure the SA4104A/B for different meter maximum currents (IMAX) and nominal voltages (VNOM) without having to change the stepper motor counter or impulse counter gear ratio.

The LED pulse output follows the average active power consumption measured and is intended for meter calibration purposes. In fast calibration mode this output provides a high frequency pulse rate following the average active power consumption and can be used for fast calibration or to interface with a microcontroller.

The SA4104A/B includes an anti-creep feature preventing any creep effects in the meter under no-load conditions. Two versions of the device are available, namely the SA4104A and SA4104B. The only difference between the two versions is the anti-creep threshold. The anti-creep threshold is set to 0.01% of FMAX on the SA4104A and 0.004% of FMAX on the SA4104B.

The SA4104A/B integrated circuit is available in a 16 pin small outline (SOIC16) RoHS compliant package.