Three Phase Bidirectional Energy Metering IC with Instantaneous Frequency Output


  • Meets the IEC62053, CBIP-88 and IS137799-1999 specification requirements for Class 1 AC static watt-hour meters for active energy
  • Pulse output supplies instantaneous active power information
  • Bidirectional three phase power and energy measurement
  • Precision on-chip oscillator (70ppm/°C drift)
  • Precision on-chip voltage reference (10ppm/°C drift)
  • Integrated anti-creep function per channel
  • Low power consumption (<40mW typical)
  • Measures AC inputs only
  • Functionally compatible with SA2005F


The SA4305A is an accurate three phase power/energy metering integrated circuit providing a single chip solution for three phase energy metering. Very few external components are required and the SA4305A does not require an external crystal or voltage reference. A precision oscillator and a precision voltage reference to supply the circuitry with a stable frequency and stable reference currents are integrated on the chip.

The SA4305A metering integrated circuit generates a pulse output, the frequency of which is proportional to the instantaneous active power consumption. The pulse output is intended to interface with a microcontroller or similar pulse counting circuitry.

The SA4305A includes an anti-creep feature preventing any creep effects that affect meter accuracy under no-load or missing phase conditions.

The SA4305A integrated circuit is available in a 20 pin small outline (SOIC20) RoHS compliant package.