Multifunction Three Phase Energy Metering IC with SPI Interface


  • Bidirectional active and reactive energy measurement
  • Voltage and current RMS measurement
  • Mains frequency and phase angle measurement
  • SPI communication interface with optional CRC
  • Accuracy is compliant with IEC 62053-21, IEC 62053-22 and IEC 62053-23 standards
  • Configurable active and reactive pulse output module
  • Configurable status and error conditions
  • Four configurable output pins
  • Operates over a wide range of temperatures and power supply voltages
  • Precision on-chip voltage reference and oscillator


The SA5301A is a high accuracy three phase bidirectional energy/power metering integrated circuit. It has been designed to measure various additional quantities over and above active energy. This makes it an ideal device for use in multi-function three phase energy meters for residential or industrial purposes, as well as energy monitoring and control applications.

The SA5301A is capable of measuring active and reactive energy on a per channel basis to an accuracy of less than 0.1 % error over a 1000:1 current range. True RMS voltage and current, as well as mains  frequency and phase angle, are also measured. Data is accessible via an integrated SPI serial interface. The device includes a fully programmable pulse output module to automatically generate active and reactive
energy pulses. A multitude of programmable status and interrupt conditions can be configured to assist in monitoring various aspects pertaining to energy consumption. Four configurable output pins allow various status signals to be monitored directly.

The SA5301A includes a precision oscillator and voltage reference to ensure the circuitry maintains stable operation over a wide temperature and power supply range. Very few other external components are required.

The SA5301A integrated circuit is available in a 24 pin small outline (SOIC24) RoHS compliant package.