Single Phase Unidirectional Power/Energy Metering IC with Instantaneous Pulse Output


  • Pin and functionally compatible with the SA9102E with reduced external components
  • Performs unidirectional power and energy measurement
  • Meets the IEC 521/1036 Specification requirements for Class 1 AC Watt hour meters
  • Protected against ESD
  • Total power consumption rating below 25mW
  • Adaptable to different types of current sensors
  • Operates over a wide temperature range
  • Precision voltage reference on-chip
  • Different pulse rate options available


The SA9602E is an enhancement of the SA9102E, as no external capacitors are required for the A/D converters.

The SA9602E single phase unidirectional power/energy metering integrated circuit generates a pulse rate output, the frequency of which is proportional to the power consumption. The SA9602E performs the calculation for active power. The method of calculation takes the power factor into account.

Energy consumption can be determined by the power measurement being integrated over time.

This innovative universal single phase power/energy metering integrated circuit is ideally suited for energy calculations in applications such as residential municipal metering and factory energy metering and control.

The SA9602E integrated circuit is available in a 20 pin small outline (SOIC20) RoHS compliant package.